The next Brokeback Mountain? Dali's steamy story

From a love story about gay cowboys, to the steamy relationship between two gay artists – British-Spanish production Little Ashes, chronicles the life of Surrealist artist Salvador Dali and his rumoured homosexual relationship with poet Federico Garcia Lorca. 

The film producers promise it will be racy and sexy so, if Brokeback Mountain got you hot under the saddle, this may be one for you.

The film is also set to cause controversy among historians and biographers – Dali always denied the affair. However, screenplay writer Philippa Goslett says: ‘It began as a friendship, became more intimate and moved to a physical level but Dali found it difficult and couldn't carry on. He said they tried to have sex but it hurt, so they couldn't consummate the relationship. Considering Dali's massive hang-ups, it’s not surprising.’

By the sounds of it, the problem may have been Lorca’s massive hang-up…

(Image: from 3vil.3livs’ Flickr stream)

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