The Name or Blame Game?

Gone are the days of the nuclear family, with 2.4 children, stable jobs and a house in the suburbs, and some would say good riddance. But what does our day and age hold for our current definition of 'family', and in particular co-parenting between gay parents?

One particular legal battle taking place in Sydney, Australia highlights this new dilemma where one lesbian woman, Sofia Marita, is seeking to remove the name of her partner's sperm donor from the birth certificate of the child he helped to create, Pinknews tells us.

The man in question, Neil Richards, played an active part in the upbringing of the child, even forking out for medical bills for the half of the couple that carried the child, Ms. Star.

'The child was born after Mr Richards answered an advert placed by Ms Marita and her former partner Jesse Star for a sperm donor.'

'Mr Richards told the Sydney Morning Herald: “Everything was fine until the baby was born … they used me and they took my money and now they’ve got what they want, they really just didn’t want to know me.'

Maybe we're headed towards a return to our old tribal ways with children being raised by a community rather than a single person or couple?

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