The horror!

Ingrid Pitt, star of countless hammer horror classics, has died at a hospital in south London at the age of 73 after collapsing a few days ago.

Polish-born Pitt, a holocaust survivor, found fame as the less than fully-robed star of horror flicks Countess Dracula, and The Vampire Lovers.

Rather than playing innocent victims, the star preferred being cast as predatory baddies. Film historian Marcus Hearn, said: ‘She was partly responsible for ushering in a bold and brazen era of sexually explicitly horror films in the 1970s, but that should not denigrate her abilities.’

A good friend of the actress, Mr Hearn said she was ‘gloriously uninhibited’ and ‘great fun to be with’.

Her career revived after being cast by Steven Soderbergh as a sinister aunt in 1995 noir The Underneath. She also wrote an autobiography, Life's a Scream, and three horror trivia volumes, including The Ingrid Pitt Book of Murder, Torture and Depravity.

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