The Ho Show

Mothers would have approved of the passing of a new bill in the American state of Utah that prohibits the merest suggestion that you might pay for sex: finally, an end to constant demands that their daughters go back upstairs, take off that miniskirt and wear something appropriate. Refusing to could result in a spell in the slammer, The Monitor informs us.

Despite its similarity to an early law that was deemed unconstitutional by supreme federal judges in America, the new act passed in Salt Lake City will give police the power to arrest women who suggest that they are prostitutes and who move provocatively.

The move could see the local authorities targeting strip clubs where girls touch themselves whilst gaining tips and requests for private dances, whereas actual prostitutes usually evade arrest by the police by asking officers to touch themselves before soliciting them: to do so, would result in a felony and dismissal for a policeman:

'Andrew McCullough, an attorney representing the escort services in the lawsuit filed May 9, said the law is so broad that it could allow police to arrest licensed employees of sexually oriented businesses, such as escort services or strip club dancers, for doing their job.'

'The expanded law includes language that makes a person exposing their genitals or touching themselves sexually an indication that they are offering sex. Those acts are legal in Utah for private strippers.'

Whilst the terminology of the bill remains confusing for citizens and sex workers alike, one of the main aims of the new policy should encourage most to support its enforcement:

'The intent is to target prostitutes, especially underage ones who are forced into the sex trade and trained to evade arrest [...] The arrest would be the first step in helping them get off the streets.'

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