The end of the mini-skirt

Most people seem to be genuinely outraged when their bosses try in any way to dictate what they wear to work. Whilst some believe that if you couldn't wear a particular set of clothes to church, you shouldn't wear it to work, others want to flash a bit of flesh to express themselves. Now one council in the UK has decided to rigidly enforce a new dresscode with no skirts above the knee.

Staff at the Southampton City Council received an email, outlining new rules for dressing in the office, which included polo shirts and dress shoes for men, and skirts of a 'reasonable length' for women, the Daily Mail reports.

However, staff were outraged at the strict guidelines, wondering whether their 'bosses may start prowling offices armed with a ruler or tape measure, while their union threatened to fight the ban.' As the end of the image of the sexy secretary in the tight outfit loomed on the horizon, officials at the council reminded colleagues that the memo was intended to show staff how to dress 'in a way that shows respect to children and families' as well as other professionals. But if you happened to work in an office managing the adult film industry, what then...?

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