The Emperor's new law

The naked body. Since time immemorial, we've struggled with showing our bodies in the buff, covering sexual organs with fig leaves and using clothes to either hide what shouldn't be exposed or parts of our bodies we simply don't want people to criticise.

However, in Germany, nudity or more importantly, flashing in public has become the subject of legal debates, concerning how those who want to bare all in public can be prosecuted.

Males in Germany face a rather prominent problem, we learn from the Metro Online: usually, the thrill of exposing yourself to the general public results in certain (ahem) manifestations of arousal, which when identified, would invariably lead to facing the full extent of the law. But what about female flashers, for example the recent case of one Ms. Kaiser?

'Police are at a loss as to how they can prosecute 34-year-old Kaiser because, in Germany, simply flashing some flesh isn't a crime - authorities must prove the perpetrator is sexually aroused.'

'Naughty Miss Kaiser says she'll continue to swan around in the nude because she likes the feeling of freedom.'

We think that the larger question of gender discrimination in Germany's legislation might be being ignored: is that due to the number of male lawyers and policy-makers perhaps?

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