The doom of early grooming

This bit of news might have Daily Mail readers potentially salivating at the mandibles, ready to unleash another torrent of protest against our non-PC, 'standards-slipping' country but the latest toy-set to be issued under the brand name of SpongeBob Squarepants could encourage children to think about their nether-regions in a less than wholesome way. For shame.

Whilst the 'Bikini Bottom Groom & Go!' playset, for ages three and over, warmly invites children to imitate facial shaving with its flourescent-coloured plastic grooming implements, parents fear that children, and in particular young girls, could associate the name of the set with an intimate area women tend to worry about when...well, when they've actually hit puberty.

'Though it's impossible that the meaning of the word 'bikini' eluded the producers of SpongeBob Squarepants, it seems possible that how the word works in this context may have gone unnoticed. Then again, giving the new pressure for women to shave and trim their 'bikini areas' (whether they intend to go to the beach or not), I wouldn't be surprised to see this pressure aimed at young girls', Jezebel reports.

Lessons that children could potentially learn from a cartoon sponge wearing a cube-sized office outfit at the bottom of the sea might just fail to reach a three-year-old child's cognitive processes, we're thinking.

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