The cup-size choir

Oh the yuletide season is once again upon us and lo and behold, we have not a heavenly choir of angels welcoming in the birth of the messiah but a dozen ample-chested beauties acting as the world's first living keyboard, singing their way through Christmas carols a-plenty. And boy, do we prefer these singers to their feather-winged equivalents.

The brainchild of lingerie line La Senza, the video, which portrays a number of ladies each singing the single note representing their cup-size to the tune of 'Deck the Halls' has become an overnight web sensation with over 750,000 viewers logging on to catch the sleigh belles in full vocal splendour, Asylum reports.

'There's also an interactive version of the 'mattress piano' available on cupsizechoir.com where you can make each of the women perform their note at the touch of a button.'

We think there should at least be one deep-voiced/big-chested woman belting out double D-sized notes.

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