The Christian Sex Guide

The Church of England is pulling out all the stops. In order to help combat rising divorce rates, the Church has issued a good sex guide. The guide called Growing Together encourages couples to talk about their love life and delve into their “turn-ons” and “turn-offs”.

The Church feels it needs to release this guide as many Christians view sex as something dirty or sinful - so maybe getting the thumbs up from the Church might get other things up in the bedroom.

The guide says: “Sex, far from being naughty, is something holy and wonderful and something to be celebrated. Like any other skill, it has to be learned… be each other's teacher.”

The handbook also features case studies using real-life stories showing the problems married couples can face. And it seems the Church may have their work cut out for them if this real-life case is anything to go by. “Kevin and Mandy had been married 18 months and worried that they had not conceived a child. It turned out they had never had full intercourse.”

What?! If that’s anything to go by, the good (if a little clueless) Christians may need more than some encouraging advice on the birds and bees. How about some diagrams or even an accompanying video? That’d certainly be a start…

(Image: from pepewk’s flickr stream)

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