The Car-ma Sutra

Ever been driving along the road with your special someone and suddenly had the urge for some sexy fun. So you pull over to somewhere quiet for some impromptu passion but instead of being aroused by your partner, it’s the gear stick doing the poking. Ouch!

Well, if that scene sounds familiar then this book could be for you. The Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook shows you all the positions to maximise your motor mating. The 90-page book (a sort of X-rated Haynes manual) shows you loads of fantastic positions all over your car, even including bonking in the boot!

So next time you’re getting laid in the lay-by, make sure this one’s in the glove compartment. This will certainly get you revved up and save you getting the handbrake lodged somewhere unpleasant – or pleasant, depending on what you’re into.

(Image: from St_A_Sh’s flickr stream)

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