The bust way to remember a legend

The contents of the uber-fan's closet are always a fascinating mystery for those of us who are less obsessive about the celebrity world. Do their wardrobes and shelves hold toe-nail clippings from a Hollywood A-lister, a napkin used by a musician to wipe away the sweat of first-night nerves or maybe a set of false teeth belonging to an octogenarian actress (who might still be alive...)?

Whilst being slightly creepy, these fans may have a sound business mind: Hollywood memorabilia recently went under the hammer at the Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and a set of three x-rays of Marilyn Monroe's chest went for a staggering $45,000, the Metro online reveals.

Another item belonging to the star, a chair from her very last photo-shoot, was sold for $35,000 and items belonging to a range of actresses, including Kate Winslet were also snatched up. The gown Audrey Hepburn wore opposite Fred Astaire in the musical 'Funny Face' fetched $56,250. But how to show off those chest x-rays to the envy of fellow Monroe fans-maybe have them framed and mounted in your hall-way?

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