The bra: a hundred years of unfailing support

We’re shocked to discover that we almost let 2007 go by without marking the fact that 2007 is the hundredth birthday of the bra. The word “brassiere” was coined in Vogue magazine (where else?) in 1907 – no Edwardian coyness from the French when it comes to underwear – and somehow the assorted geniuses of lingerie design still keep coming up with new ways to make it sexy.

From hidden support for 30s sweater girls and the (entirely pleasurable) shock of the bikini, through to Gaultier’s golden cones, the traffic-stopping Wonderbra revival and the frank, self-confident raunch of Agent Provocateur, the bra has become an essential part of any self-respecting seductress’s wardrobe. Let’s raise our cups (of all sizes) to another 100 years.

(Image: AZAdam’s Flickr stream)

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