The best goody bag around

Planning a party and need a theme? Want to make it special and stay away from all those clichés? Well, here’s a rather “different” idea for a party, that none of your friends will have thought of – The G-shot party.

First of all what is a G-shot? The G-shot is an injection into the G-spot, filling it with collagen to enlarge it. This makes the elusive area both easier to find and way more sensitive allowing for amazing orgasms…

But if you think this is going to be like the champagne-filled Botox parties, you’d be wrong. This is rather more “intimate”, and surgery plus alcohol is strictly a no-no. The doctors don’t do home visits, so you and your gal pals must saunter down to your local doctor’s office to get your vaginas injected. What fun!

We’re not sure about this one. It sounds more like getting a vaccination and, by the sounds of things, the party will only really get started once everyone goes home…

(Image: from foxypar4’s flickr stream)

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