The A-Z of Orgasm

Naughty mum, Karen Manning has brought out a book of orgasms. (Pardon?) No, not a moaning, panting book having the time of its life – this book identifies and describes more than 100 orgasms. The different types of orgasm in the book are taken from her own and friends’ experiences. Entries in her A-Z book, include the Quickie, The Ceiling Scraper and the A+ - the top ranking orgasm of them all.

Karen says research for the book has been a lot of fun. (We bet it was…) On coming up with the idea for the book, she says: “Every orgasm is different so I started taking notes and describing them.’ (One minute, darling, just let me jot this down…)

Other orgasms in the book are the ‘Mile High’ - sex in a plane; The Electrifying Orgasm which leaves the body shaking and the PA Orgasm Broadcast which is defined as “an orgasm that is accidentally broadcast over a PA system” – not sex with your secretary.

So if you want to find out what you’re missing out on or just want to find out what you’ve been experiencing is called, take a look.

(Image: from Fin Fahey’s flickr stream)

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