That's a wrap, folks

It's an industry that's been influencing politics for decades, due to the amount of money it amasses across the world, the unique employment laws that it upholds and for becoming the preoccupation of millions of men who have half an hour to kill.

However, thanks to current draft legislation in California, the fantasy, conscience-free world of adult movies may soon be that one step closer to reality if porn companies are obliged to make their actors wear condoms, NY Daily News reveals.

The law would prevent any person coming into oral or genital contact with the blood or bodily fluids of another person and would help protect the industry's workers from much feared outbreaks of HIV, despite the constant sexual health screening of its employees.

'The bill would also reiterate some of the basics of safe sex: condoms could not be reused, expired or worn with multiple partners, according to the proposal. It would also require that performers not share razors and that sex toys must be kept clean.'

Perhaps unsurprisingly, heads of the various adult film companies, such as Larry Flynt of Hustler claim that those seeking the pure, unadultered, conscious-free porn will look to other, less scrupulous organisations.

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