Citizens all over Texas can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The previous ban of sex toys has finally been overturned. All together now: Aaaaaaaaah!

Texas was one of the final US states to allow the legal sale or purchase of devices “designed to stimulate the genitals”. Phil Harvey, president of Adam & Eve Inc., a company which sells sex toys, buzzed with excitement saying: “I think it's wonderful, but it does seem to me that since Texas was one of three states in the country – along with Mississippi and Alabama – that continued to outlaw the sale of sex toys and vibrators, that it was probably past time.”

Yes, it is about time. It is hard to believe that something so accepted in our society, and even other parts of the US was banned. There are going to be a lot more relaxed, happier people in Texas, but a lot more jealous, slightly frustrated people in Mississippi and Alabama. People of Mississippi and Alabama, you know what to do! Move your ass to Texas…

(Image: from [OzBex]’s flickr stream)

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