Texas scuppers web wedding

Tying the knot over the internet seems like an eccentric measure but was the only course of action for gay couple Mark and Dante Walkup, with same sex marriages still banned throughout most of the USA, including in their home state of Texas.

They thought they had got around the ban by using Skype to link them to a Reverend in Washington D.C, where gay marriage is allowed.

But to the couple’s dismay and disbelief, a letter they received last week from the Superior Court told them theirr union was invalid, because all parties were not physically present in Washington D.C.

The pair claim that when they visited a marriage bureau in Washington to check if they could get married over Skype, they were told that the law only required that the person officiating over the ceremony was present in the district.

Mark told Unfair Park: 'In good faith, we planned our wedding accordingly because we thought we were talking to the experts.'

Dante suggested the decision was politically motivated as a result of the publicity the wedding received: 'It was based on homophobia or politics or both,' he said.

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