Teenagers caught shagging on fruit and veg stall

A Yorkshire teenager has been ordered to do 50 hours community service after being caught giving his girlfriend a good seeing to on a fruit and veg stall in Barnsley's market square.

The unlucky David Shaw, 19, was caught by the fuzz in the wee small hours with his pants around his ankles and was later charged with outraging public decency. Unsurprisingly the alfresco loving teenager told the police that he had had a few ales before deciding to show his lady friend his meat and two veg.

'We shouldn't have done it but I was sloshed,' Shaw told reporters. 'She'd had a few as well. We'd gone for a walk and one thing led to another. It's not as if it was in broad daylight.' The fruit lover also complained that his partner in crime had received nothing more than a ticking off.

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