Teenager flogs naked picks of his mum on Trade Me

An Auckland teenager came up with an original way to make some money from an online car boot sale by flogging off naked pictures of his mother in her smalls on Trade Me.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the teenager, known just as Michael, was asked to clean out the garage by his mum who said that he could sell any items he found as payment.

The teenager took her literally and put five naked photos of his mum up for sale on the net. "If I wasn't cleaning up mums mess in the garage I would never have found these. They were probably taken by her boyfriend Alan," The teen wrote online.

"If you're going to make someone clean up your crap you might want to go through it first. Mum said 'I'm not paying you you can put what you can sell on trade me if you want some money'. Thanks mum."

While Trade Me cancelled the auction after the story broke, the young entrepreneur's mother bizarrely gave him the green light to flog five more pictures online. "I insisted Michael show me first, the little bugger. They are quite artistic. There is nothing dodgy about them. They were taken by a family friend about eight years ago," the teen's mum told the Herald.

But Trade Me didn't agree with her and pulled the second auction too.

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