Bieber's boobs

Arguably, at seventeen, you wouldn't be expected to know too much about sex. You've probably popped your cherry at some early opportunity or at least had in-detail conversations with fellow hormone-fuelled teenagers about the mechanics of it all but you probably don't really understand what makes people tick in the sack. Soap-box comments should probably wait until you've got a few more notches on your bed-post.

Not so for pint-sized pop sensation Justin Bieber who recently told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview that being gay was a choice for people, and not something that comes naturally to them. He also decided to make some comments about abortion, arguing that under no circumstances should it be contemplated, Pinknews reports.

'[Justin Bieber] spoke out against abortion even when pregnancy is caused by rape, saying 'everything happens for a reason.' [...] When asked what his views on homosexuality are, Bieber responded: 'It’s everyone’s own decision to do that. It doesn’t affect me and shouldn’t affect anyone else.'

Hopefully Lady Gaga hasn't heard his comments: as far as she's concerned, gay people are 'born this way', or so her new single goes!

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