Teachers say ciaosers to Miss Sexy trousers

Teachers at a school in Bristol showed it is they who really wear the trousers by banning the tight-fitting ‘Miss Sexy’ trouser brand for being too sexy for the classroom.

Apparently the breeches breach school rules because of the way they cling to the girl pupils. The headteacher of Bradley Stoke Community School in Bristol has spent £400 on 80 pairs of 'standard issue' £5 black trousers. Any girl caught wearing the figure-hugging garment will have to change, depositing something valuable like a mobile so they don’t make off with the standard issue trews.

Students have slammed the changes, calling them ‘unhygenic’ and ‘annoying’. One Year 11 said: 'The new policy is pointless, the constant updates on uniform are annoying when there are more important things to think about.'

Another pupil added: 'The idea of loaning a pair of trousers for the day in exchange for a mobile phone might seem logical, but it can't be hygienic.

'Also, there's no way the school have purchased enough of these trousers in the right sizes for the girls to wear.

'I wear Miss Sexy trousers because they make me feel good and are cheaper than tailored trousers.'

So there, teachers.

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