Teacher who shared shower with girl pupils struck off for four years

Music teacher Debbie Lloyd-Jones was yesterday suspended from classroom duties for four years after sharing a shower with girl pupils before a concert.

The disciplinary panel was set up after the teacher was accused of having an ‘improper relationship’ with girls aged 13 to 16 – including sending text messages that said: ‘I love you.’

The panel found that it was ‘inappropriate behaviour’ for the 29-year-old to strip off and shower with the girls. Panel chairman John Collins said: 'Although no sexual activity took place, this was inappropriate involvement with pupils who were using the showers.'

Mr Collins said Mrs Lloyd-Jones was spotted by senior teacher Pamela Schofield in the shower area with the girls at Oakdale Comprehensive School in Blackwood, South Wales.

He said: 'She saw her wrapped in a towel with wet shoulders and wet hair. She noticed a number of girl pupils who also had towels around them and they were wet.

'Mrs Lloyd-Jones told her: ‘Everything is OK. I'm just having a shower before the show’.’

The errant teacher was put under a four-year prohibition order suspending her until 2014, and is now working as freelance trumpeter.

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