Tat’s not very nice

An Australian man has been charged with assault after tattooing a 16 inch penis onto his friend’s back.

It’ll cost the 25-year-old victim £1,250 to get the tattoo removed, which also features a mispelt slogan implying the man is gay.

According to reports in The Queensland Times, the man thought he was getting a Yin and Yang with some dragons.

The tattoo is thought to have been the result of a disagreement the pair had. Det Con Paul Malcolm said the victim was speechless over the affair:

‘The victim wasn't interested at first but he was talked into it and he said he wanted a Yin and Yang symbol with some dragons,’ he said.

‘The bloke started doing the tattoo and there was another bloke standing there watching saying, ‘Mate, it's looking really good’.

‘He was told not to go out into the sun and not to show anyone for a few weeks.

‘When he got home he showed it to the person he lives with and she said: ‘I don't think it's the tattoo you were after’.’

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