Tantramasochism – the guide

Writer, artist and amateur sexologist Alison X has compiled a list of raunchy challenges for the more sexually adventurous among us. The trials are designed to spice things up a bit for those bored of the usual antics. Employing aspects of both S&M and tantra the escapades are varied and well, interesting to say the least. 

One challenge is masturbating with space dust (yeah, that PAINFULLY fizzy sherbet stuff that explodes in your mouth) and coke. Ouch! (Guess that’s the sadomasochistic part.)

Another, called ‘The Hours, The Ten’, instructs the participant to masturbate once an hour, but only 10 strokes are allowed. Tantra for beginners?

Alison hopes to make her list into a book with 1001 challenges. So what else could old Ally have in store? Pleasuring one’s self with a cheese grater, perhaps? Who knows…

(Image: from pikaluk’s flickr stream)

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