Taken by a pirate

A model who has a minor role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film has recalled how Johnny Depp was taken by her good looks on set.

Kristen Stephenson Pino told Stateside celebrity gossip rag Star magazine that it took just one look at her for Captain Sparrow to ask his assistant to invite the bit-parter back to his trailer.

‘He was like,‘Darling, you’re exquisite – you’re by far the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen’,’ says Kristen, recalling how Depp first approached her.

Once in the trailer things started hotting up: ‘It was one-on-one, I was in there for a few hours, and that’s, like, everyone’s ideal lover boy. He’s just the whole package!” she gushes.

‘I was like, ‘I’ll take you and Orlando Bloom! That’s the only way you can get me.’ He starts laughing and goes, ‘Honey, no, no, no, no. I don’t share with anybody. You either get me or me, and that’s it’.’

Sounds like a close shave for Johnny’s partner Vanessa Paradis, a fact underlined when Depp’s assistant contacted Kristen to offer her a year-long gig as his assistant.

‘Johnny’s motivations were more than clear! He wanted her with him. But Kristen declined because she wants to concentrate on her acting and modeling careers,’ a source said.

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