Take a chill pill, NOT the pill

As any spotty, angst-ridden teenager will tell you, hormones are no laughing matter, responsible for a variety of adolescent conditions such as 'not being able to get out of bed', 'eating too much', 'rebelling against your parents' and becoming preoccupied with that little thing called 'sex.'

For women, the rollercoaster never ends as Dutch scientists have now recently discovered that elevated amounts of oestrogen in various forms of the contraceptive pill can actually make women more jealous and possessive, the Metro online reveals.

'At least 3.5million British women between 16 and 49 take the Pill and the study questioned a cross section of females aged between 17 and 35 who take various versions of the combined Pill for at least three months. By comparing the different brands, which are made up of varying amounts of synthetic forms of oestrogen and progesterone, [Dr.Craig Roberts from Stirling University] found that the higher doses of oestrogen was likely to make a woman more jealous.'

With all this talk of taking different kinds of pills, this story sounds more like a scene from the Matrix, than a review of human sexual behaviour!

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