We know friends that have been through 'text message break-ups'. Those obscure, strange initials and symbols translated, on one occasion, to a friend posting a dictionary to her then-ex boyfriend, with a note accompanying it, reading 'Until you can learn how to spell properly, I suggest reading this before you meet your next educated victim.' Kudos to her, or should we say QDOS?

It seems, however, that in Tajikistan, men can actually legally divorce their other halves, through the powerful medium of SMS, Jezebel reveals. By sending a message with the word 'taloq' three times, and with a (possibly not-so-handy nearby) cleric to confirm and approve the message, husband and wife can be seperated:

'Officials say the there have been more text message divorces because men are moving abroad to find work and wind up starting new families, but Tajikistan's religious authorities are considering banning the practice.'

What next for the humble SMS? The ability to buy houses, transfer funds, even get married? Maybe even pregnancy test statuses?

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