A load of old hay-bales

The Countryside: the seemingly non-existant land of fresh produce, clean air, barn-dances and healthy sexual appetites. It's enough to make you want to move out of the Big Smoke, with its bankers in suits, lunchtime quickies and never-emptying in-trays. But remember what the reality can be like; something so very different to that imagined by one UK tabloid paper who completely rewrote one woman's experience of leaving it all behind.

The paper in question, the Daily Mail, had a shot at taking Juliet Shaw's tale of heartbreak, stress and trying to live a healthy lifestyle and turned it into a salacious Jilly Cooper work of fiction, loaded with strapping farm-hands, constant propositions and rolling in the proverbial hay, Jezebel reveals.

'The Mail attributed to Shaw statements like 'I've been asked out on more dates in the past three years than in the 20 years I spent in Manchester' and 'eligible country bachelors have asked for my number in village pubs, on the high street, on the beach and at the local fete' — but Shaw maintains she never said any of this, since she was in a serious relationship before her move and, after her breakup, wasn't looking to date at all.'

An out of court settlement speaks for itself but if it's money Juliet was after, she could have given the aforementioned Jilly a run for her money with this pot-boiler.

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