Swinging hips don’t mean she’s broody

A woman who walks with a sexy swing of her hips is not desperate to get it on and conceive, according to new research.

A team at Queen’s University, Ontario, tested women and their walks against the amount of sex hormone in their saliva. Those with the most enticing walks – they had a group of men in to test that – turned out to be the furthest away from ovulation.

Women are known to display a range of cues to let men know they are ready to conceive, and researchers were astounded to find the sexy walk wasn’t one of them. So much so that they repeated the test just to make sure. (Those poor men…)

The theory now is that women disguise their readiness to conceive so that only their chosen partner can pick up on the signals. They use subtle signs such as smell and facial expression, not anything so obvious as a big sashay. 

(Image: from olexion58's flickr stream)

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