Ho-tel, Motel

Where are the men with sandwich boards around their necks, on which are written the words 'England gives in to sexual debauchery'? Why are they not running up and down the streets, ringing bells and proclaiming the end of moral decency as we know it? Probably because the launch of a swingers club in Huntingdonshire doesn't signal the start of the apocalypse.

However, 'Tease 2', the latest establishment in England's green and pleasant lands has attracted some negative attention since owner, Stewart Hobbs, took over the hotel earlier in the month and attracted a strikingly large amount of people to the joint with weekend 'party nights', Hunts Post24 reveals.

'Of potential objections to the club, [Steward] said: 'I can see why people in their naivety would wonder what goes on – fair dues to them. But at the club I have never seen a drunk person, or a violent person. There’s not a pub in Huntingdon that can say that.'

Which lends credence to the fact that if ever there was going to be a den of depravity in the UK, it would probably be in Huntingdonshire.

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