Swerve Festival winner

As you may well know, we just loooove arty films so obviously we went ke-rrazy when we saw this little treasure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the winner of the best web film at the Swerve Festival – Tons of Balloons. The annual festival taking place in LA celebrates West Coast creative culture, encompassing art, film, music and action sports (quite the mix). So why do we love this film soo much?

Well…with the purity of the balloons doused in white light, this Eve-like subject draws us into a soothing, pre-lapsarian world, leaving us feeling calm and fulfilled – and giving us momentary respite from the everything around us…

Ooookay – so that wasn’ it – it was the naked woman that swung it! Basically, the video shows a nude lady – apart from some flesh-coloured panties – spinning and jumping around while tons of balloons bounce around her. Great! So what do you think? Does the film deserve a prize? We certainly think so. Saying that, though, we can’t but feel that we wouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic if the woman had been clothed…

(Image: from unfalse's flickr stream)

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