A class sexercise

It seems like the dodgy outline for a porn movie, in a language we probably wouldn't understand: a teacher asks his students to write about their sexual fantasies and lo and behold! Suddenly there are blurring dream montages, half-naked teenage girls and a teacher getting something more than an apple from his teacher's pets.

For one teacher in Sweden, who created an assignment asking his students to divulge the intimate details of the sexual fantasies, it was a wet dream/porn script come true. Despite angering most of the parents of the local area, a school representative managed to convince some of that angry mob that this was actually a useful exercise involving biology and creative writing, H Spot reveals.

Students 'were asked to imagine they were ‘talking to a close friend’ about their ‘first time’ or how they fantasized their first time would be. In order to get a good grade, the essays had to be written with ‘passion.’ Beyond some good masturbation material (possibly a website), there’s no doubt the teacher was hoping one or more female students (who probably look like little Aryan princesses) would share a fantasy involving their teacher. The age of consent by the way in Sweden is 15.'

Maybe the teacher was the school's usual sub for sex education lessons and he got a little confused with the timetable. At least he wasn't proposing extra-curricular activities as homework!

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