Swedish erotica comes to town

We've uncovered a gem of an event if you're interested in vintage erotica. The Institute of Contemporary Art in London will be screening a series of films from the Swedish sexual revolution in the 60s and 70s, October 4th - 7th.

The screenings are celebrating the golden era of Swedish 'sexploitation', courtesy of Klubb Super 8, who are also providing an illustrated lecture and appearance from Swedish exploitation film star Christina Lindberg, who will be introducing her films and heading up a Q & A session afterwards.

And there's more. Visitors to the Swedish Erotica screenings get half-price entry to Amora, the world's only museum dedicated to sex, love and relationships - cited by Metro as the place "where Coco de Mer meets Cosmopolitan". Whether that puts you off or turns you on, it's certainly a museum worth checking out if you're heading into the big smoke for a dose of vintage erotica from Sweden.

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