Sweden’s King of the swingers

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden boasts 34 years of marriage and until recently was held up as an ordinary family man whose main hobby was Scouting.

The only clue to there being another side of the man lie in the stable of flash sports cars he keeps. But a new biography of the King – who is the third cousin to our own Queen Liz – has blown this myth out of the water.

Instead a picture has emerged of a monarch who has frequented sex parties and strip clubs, the embarrassing details of which were covered up by Sapo, the Swedish secret police.

The book, called The Reluctant Monarch, has already sold its entire initial print run of 20,000 copies. Punters are licking their lips in anticipation of juicy details of how the King is said to have spent $10,000 in nightclub during the Atlanta Olympics, including two hours in a room alone with a stripper.

And 14 pages detail an alleged affair the King had with Camilla Henemark, the glamorous Swedish singer and model whose father was Nigerian and mother Swedish.

With his reputation in tatters only time will tell if the King can regain the trust of his family and people.

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