Kawaii 5 O

What would the world have been like without Emily Pankhurst and the Suffragettes? Women locked in the house every day after men had had their breakfast made for them, had had a morning shag and had gone to work knowing that women were tidying the house, buying food, making dinner, enjoying no political rights and had had their lives dictated by their male kin. Sounds implausible? Traditions had to be broken to get to where we are today.

And so we reach a modern day break-through of tradition within a previously seen male-dominated area of life: sushi chefs. And in particular, one Masanori Nakamura, the owner of Sushi Nakamura employing women in opposition to Japanese protocol which demands that only men may hold this particular job, Jezebel tells us. But then again, these girls appeal to male diners, being young and cute, or 'kawaii':

The owner will 'only hire chefs who are 18 to 25. He explains that their slogan is 'fresh and kawaii,' which means cute, so, 'If someone wanted to work here and was 30, I'd put her in the back.' The watered-down version of sushi-making taking place at the restaurant may just be a gimmick to lure businessmen and tourists, but it's a signal that changes could be coming to one of Japan's most traditional professions.'

Small steps for women everywhere, with delicious food made to look like frog and panda faces served along the way. Next stop: ageism maybe.

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