Survey says snogging is top of the turn ons

If you thought the way to a woman's heart was giving her an eyeful of the 6 pack while oggling her chestpups, you'd be very wrong; a new survey has found that the way to a woman's knickers is a good snog.

The Max Factor poll (nope, no idea why a make-up brand did a sex survey) found that snogging came top of the female turn ons, closely followed by smouldering eye contact and a damn fine set of forearms. Unsurprisingly men were turned on by much baser pleasures. They rated suspenders, cleavage, stockings and short skirts as top of their turn ons.

Recipe for a shag: woman with big melons in suspenders and short skirt staring lustfully at a man with strong arms and nice lips. Failing that, a drunken snog.

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