Baby come back!

It's the stuff nightmares are made of: a couple who were trying for a baby discovered that due to complications arising from cancer of the womb, the girlfriend of the UK couple was unable to bear a child to full term. So, the couple found a surrogate mother online who offered to carry the child and give birth to it for the pair. Surrogacy, however, can be a tricky business with the act of surrogacy having no legal standing in the UK, which, with rather painful hindsight, the couple would have needed.

The surrogate mother, whom the couple originally found, was living off benefits, which might have set some alarm bells ringing, the Daily Mail reveals. Having given birth to the baby last June, the surrogate had already previously asked for more money for allowances, above the agreed #10,000 and just three months before the birth of the baby girl, she sent the couple a text stating that she intended to keep the child.

'In July last year she gave birth to baby T and a bitter six-month custody battle ensued. Miss N [the surrogate] accused Mr W [the baby's father] of being violent towards his wife, which the couple denied. They accused Miss N of neglecting her sons and of living in a filthy home.'

'In January, in a rare case, Miss N was awarded custody after a judge deemed it was in the child’s best interests because there was a ‘clear attachment’ between the mother and daughter.'

'At the time, Mr Justice Baker warned that the risks of entering into a surrogacy agreement were ‘very considerable’.'

Now that the Child Support Agency are being pulled into the dispute, we wonder whether Mr. W will team up with Fathers for Justice and will be seen scaling 10 Downing Street in a Batman costume.

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