When David Duchovny faced up to his obsession with sex, the general American public reacted with shock and suprise which quickly abated into a feeling of witnessing a man struggling with the healthiest out of all the addictions likely to plague a film and tv actor. The line between vigorous sex-drive and chronic disorder became blurred: this was a man after all, a very red-blooded guy who can't stop listening to the voice in his head and in his trousers. But what do we think about a woman can't say no and continues to say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes?

Female sex addiction is a thorny issue, Marie Claire reveals.Women end up cheating on their partners to whom they are committed, seeking the chemical buzz produced from casual encounters and turning to porn and online chatting to achieve a quick fix. For one sufferer, the decision to seek help became a difficult but vital step to take in recovery:

''My boyfriend stopped sleeping with me, and I was looking for other ways to get off,' she explains. 'Soon I was masturbating to porn with the window open, hoping someone would see me.' By day, she was a buttoned-up temp at a law firm; by night, she was online, having sex chats with strangers and watching hard-core videos. Then one evening, she stumbled upon child pornography. 'It made me sick to my stomach,' she says, 'but I kept looking.' The next day, she found an SAA meeting.'

It looks like the best role model for women may not be Samantha from Sex in the City. After all, who can say that she isn't suffering from this same 'invisible' affliction?

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