Lois Lane's marriage game

Lois Lane has been portrayed in many versions of the Superman myth but always, she stood up for herself as a proud, independent woman, the forerunner of such female characters of the nineties who held down careers, scoffed at male ambition yet held their own in romantic struggles. But Lois wasn't always the strident raven-haired reporter made famous by Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher. Once upon a time, she was manipulative, marriage-obsessed, petty and jealous, Jezebel informs us.

Back when Superman comics cost around 20 cents and women wore A-line skirts and up-swept hairdos, Lois was determined to bag her superhero hunk by any means possible - a ruthlessness that seems to have over-stepped the mark that even some of today's gold-diggas would keep behind. She even went so far as to marry Bruce Wayne (Batman) to make Clark Kent jealous!

'In 'Lois Lane, GUILTY!' — published in February of 1970, Lois Lane and Lana Lang get into a hair-pulling brawl over Superman. After a car accident in which Lana dies, Lois goes to jail for Lana's murder! There's even a scene of Lois looking out at the moon through the bars on her cell window, saying 'Superman! I need you as I never needed you before!'

Maybe Superman should have stuck to the women on his home planet...even though they were technically aliens.

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