Suits you, sir!

Sex sells. Birds know it, bees know it, even educated flees know it. (Er...maybe I'm mixing my metaphors with my song lyrics...or something like that) but basically, if you manage to avoid massive censureship from the Advertising Standards Authority for having raunchy images of scantily-clad women in your advertisements, you stand to make a fortune. Unless of course, your company is called 'Suit Supply' and you just went that little step too far.

For its latest campaign, 'Suits Supply' used a variety of your average size-zero Scandinavian-type beauties, lying languidly in a variety of suggestive positions (some with clothes, some without) to sell it's new line of men's businesswear, the Huffington Post informs us.

However, the fashion brand came under heavy public criticism and 'says it had to remove its Shameless pixxx from its Facebook page because they were 'deemed offensive.''

We're not sure when Facebook ever became the social conscience of a nation but it seems the spirit of Mary Whitehouse lives on...

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