Student salope

France’s education minister has vowed to improve student financial support after reports that more and more university students are turning to prostitution to pay their fees. Gone are the days of earning minimum wage at the Student’s Union – students working as high-class escorts can demand €400 for a two-hour “meeting”. A great idea? Not really. The man, who is paying this large sum of money, wants more than a Powerpoint presentation, know what we mean?

This ever-growing trend was brought to light when a 19-year-old studying Spanish and Italian published her memoirs, charting her life as a student prostitute. Well at least writing a book made her a buck or two. I mean what does she expect to do with a silly Arts degree? And doesn’t she know EVERYONE speaks English. Students, tcchh!

(Image: from Joe Shlabotnik’s flickr stream)

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