A blow to a student freedom

Student liberalism and freedom of expression comes under fire today as the fall-out from a university newspaper's depiction of oral sex on the cover of its latest edition is fully realised. Despite using the image of a man with his back to the reader firmly nestled between the outstretched legs of a woman being used to raise awareness of contracting the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV through oral sex, university residents and faculty members have remained unimpressed.

According to the Huffington Post, the University of North Florida's president John Delaney spoke out against the recent 'Spinnaker' cover, citing that this was too close to the edge of publishing indecent material for the sake of making a massive impact on public opinion. Which some might argue is the prerogative of journalism: occasionally forgetting to pull its didactic punches.

Delaney 'said he thought the picture on the cover was distasteful and inappropriate, and a high school cheerleading camp held on campus this weekend compounded the problem. The Spinnaker is independent, Delaney said, but he questions their judgment - and asks them to do the same.'

''It's a student-run paper and we're going to have some risque things. That's what happens in a campus environment,' Delaney said. 'But this really kind of crossed a decency line.''

What isn't up for debate is whether the newspaper truly conveyed its message. Whether it will actually make men think before drinking from the furry cup is another matter.

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