Student falls through roof after romp

The perils of sex outdoors: getting caught on the train butt-naked and without a ticket, getting nettle rash from a romp in a vegetable patch or breaking the photocopier at work after having ridden it for half an hour. For one salacious student though, her sex outdoors almost ended in disaster due to it being several stories high.

Polish student Alex, who has decided to remain anonymous, was having a bit of not-so-private nookie with her lover, when she fell 10ft through a fragile corrugated iron roof into a disused shop in Aberdeen, the Sun Online reports.

After taking photos of her and her lover's sexy outdoor shenanigans, Alex fell through the roof of the 30ft tall building and had to be rescued naked by firefighters and police. However, to make matters worse, Alex nearly revealed the identity of her boy toy, an unnamed man who is apparently engaged.

Alex and randy Romeo were forced to choose the precarious outside spot as both their houses were a no-go area: 'We can't go to his house because his fiancée is there. I live with my parents so we can't go there. But I'm worried he's going to get into a lot of trouble over this', admits Alex.

Next time, we recommend a deserted garden shed on stable, solid ground.

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