Student claims to have received £2.5m bid for virginity

Back in September we brought you the story of American student Natalie Dylan who decided to auction off her virginity in order to pay her college tuition fees. The 22-year-old San Diego native claims to have received bids of up to £2.5m for her cherry.

According to Metro, Dylan has had over 10,000 different bids to spend the night with her. Despite criticism the student claims that her decision was just part and parcel of living in a capitalist society.

"I don't think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems," she told reporters, "But it will create some financial stability. I'm ready for the controversy, I know it will come along. I'm ready to do this."

Dylan claims that she will use the money raised to pay for a Masters in marriage and family therapy. Hopefully she'll have some loose change left from the reported £2.5m after paying back her student loan.

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