Stroppy stripper’s wacky protest

An ex-stripper in a bitter divorce battle took action yesterday by staging a wacky protest against her husband’s oil company.

Doreen Noble, 42, blockaded the company’s office with her Range Rover while she lay strips into her husband on a mega-phone. The protest obstructed deliveries to the firm for an hour until cops arrived and asked the ex-burlesque dancer to leave.

Last night, defiant Doreen said: ’ I blocked the gate and I had my loudspeaker with me. I wanted to speak to the company's accountant to negotiate some money. The staff were thinking I had cracked.’

Husband and Oilfield Material Management chief Danny Noble, 55, said: ‘She was removed by the police with no charges.’ Divorce proceedings between the pair are due to start at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2012. And not before time.

While what Doreen did can hardly be called refined, it does show that divorce is a slippery business - particularly if you’re married to an oil boss.

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