Stripping students clean up

A group of students in the Czech Republic who lost their temp jobs during the recession have come up with a novel way of making cash – by starting up their own naked cleaning business.

They’ll come and give your brass a polish, charging £50 per hour for the privilege, though it’s unclear whether they prefer cash or Czech.

Founder of the Crazy Cleaners business, Katka Kopecka, 21, a student of economics at Charles Universtiy in Prague, said: ‘We needed to find work and couldn't find it so we thought of this.

‘Nobody likes cleaning and everyone likes to look at a good body.’

The firm already has 15 male and female cleaners on its books, and offers cleaners prepared to work in their pants, topless, or even fully naked.

Katka added: ‘Quite often the people asking for our services are busy business people who want to relax.

‘Watching someone clean your house in underwear is a nice way for them to relax. But this is not a prostitution service, it's just a cleaning service.’

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