Is 56 too old to be working in a topless bar? Not according to Mary Bassi, a strip bar waitress who has won $60,000 in a landmark age discrimination case against her former employers.

Ms Bassi, now 60, was ridiculed and told she had Alzeimers before being sacked, according to reports in the Mail. But the canny granny knew her rights and sued for age discrimination against Cover Girls in Houston, Texas.

After the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took on the case, the lady was awarded a $60,000 settlement - probably a greater sum than she was OAPing for.

Her attorney Connie Wilhite, said: ‘You can't discriminate against people because of age, regardless of what industry they work in.’

She said that the victory would have a knock-on effect in the industry, and give a message to other strip bar workers.

‘It lets them know that they're not just a value because of their youth,’ she added.'They can't be run out of any industry as they get older.’

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