Strip ahoy! Naked cruise needs a naked crew

If ‘show boating’ is your thing, then you might like what one London-based tour operator has to offer.

eWaterways, specialising in river and coastal cruises, is searching for 22 holidaymakers willing to bare all for a seven-night naked cruise in August 2011, exploring the Croatian coastline.

Highlights of the £500 holiday will include a visit to Rab, known as 'the island of love', and a trip to Zadar, home of the famous Zadar Sea Organ.

‘Naturist holidays are popular and Croatia has a lot of nudist beaches - so it's a great match,’ said a spokeswoman. ‘Passengers will get undressed for swimming and sunbathing, but will be clothed for dinner.’

The company said it expects the cruise to appeal to a variety of European nationalities - but particularly Germans, as they are ‘really into naturism.’

It added that most of its customers are in their mid-40s.

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