Strictly good friends?

Former Coronation Street hottie Tina O’Brien may have hung up her dancing shoes but it hasn’t stopped her from stepping out with her Strictly partner, Jared Murillo.

And Mormon Murillo, 22, seems to be giving her all the support that 27-year-old Tina needs after being booted off the show.

The pair were spotted getting cosy together at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards on Tuesday.

Tina was seen gently nuzzling his neck and then burying her face into his shoulder, before Jared - who we all thought was dating US dancer Ashley Galvan - appeared to tenderly caress her hair.

With all those skimpy outfits, Strictly is a hotbed of romantic activity, though Jared’s religious beliefs should have ruled out any funny business. Before the show started he said: ‘I follow Mormon beliefs – so, while I have a girlfriend and I love being with women, I am still a virgin. I can have fun, I just won’t have sex until I’m married.'

When voted off, Tina said she was ‘really sad’ to be leaving the show and vowed to ‘keep in touch’ with Jared.

It looks like she's been keeping her promise.

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