Strictly Come as you are

A blow for the Silvio Berlusconi anti-gay mindset was struck in Israel as two women became the first same-sex couple to compete on Strictly Come Dancing.

For the latest series of the show, the gay sports broadcaster Gili Shem Tov has been paired with professional dancer Dorit Milman. The thirty-four year old said that it felt more natural to be paired with a female partner.

She told reporters: ‘This is my way of life and this is my agenda, and I wanted to express it. For me it felt natural. I live with a woman, we are raising my son. It's not an issue. If by doing that even a few people will be more tolerant and open-minded, I achieved my goal.'

Dorit Milman, who is straight, was delighted to have Gili as a dance partner. She said: ‘Everyone knows that Israel has a lot of extremes. When we go on primetime TV as a couple, we're showing everyone can love everyone. It's about respecting the way of life of other people, even if it's not your way of life.'

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